Classic Entrées

1) Choice of Any One:

Lunch includes an egg roll and steamed rice. Fried rice add $0.50. Brown rice add $0.75.

Dinner includes steamed rice. Fried rice add $0.50, brown rice add $0.75.

2) Choose One Sauce Below:

Lightly fried then stir-fried in sweet & spicy sauce w/ toasted sesame seeds (Lunch not available for beef or shrimp)

Lightly fried w/ bell peppers & onions in spicy & sweet sauce (Lunch not available for beef or shrimp)

Lightly deep fried w/ bell peppers, carrots, onions & pineapples

Zucchini & celery in a brown sauce

Mixed veggies with any meat in a spicy sauce

Jalapeños, bell peppers & onions in a black pepper brown sauce

Chicken with mushrooms, snow peas, and carrots

Cabbage, onions, eggs, carrots, bamboo shoot & fungus with pancake wraps

Bell peppers, celery, bamboo shoots & fungus in a spicy garlic sauce

Stir-fried w/ white onions & scallions in a Hoisin sauce

White & black mushrooms, snow peas & carrots in a brown sauce

Egg patty w/ cabbage, vegetables & onions in brown gravy

With bell peppers in creamy tomato based sauce

Stir fried veggies, basil, and jalapeños in a spicy brown sauce

Stir fried with snow peas, carrots, and potatoes in a Thai peanut sauce

* indicates spicy

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